Originally designed for motorcycling.

Having ridden quads and dirt bikes since she was a child, Andrea was constantly dealing with the painful process of untangling her long hair after each ride. She  tried several different tricks like braiding, tucking her hair into her helmet or into the back of her shirt, but nothing really fully protected her hair. She also purchased a few products that were almost impossible to put on without help or had metal clasps or laces that would snag her hair or be terribly uncomfortable when also wearing a helmet. She was determined to find a solution as it came down to either cutting her hair short or quit riding.

The idea for the Wrapter came after a few failed attempts of creating something that was more like a sock with a drawstring. “I just needed something that would cover my hair and hold on tightly. The first prototype was a Wrapter but closed off at the end. It worked great the first time riding with it and I was so happy. I could even run my fingers through my hair after a long and dusty ride in the desert. I remember being so excited. This was it, Eureeka! The idea kept me up at night, I had to share it with the world. After much research and improvements like choosing the right fabric and cutting off the closed end so it would fit all lengths. I had, in my opinion the best hair wrap ever. And now to be able to share it with others is so rewarding. I wear it when I ride and also to keep my hair free from sweat and tangling when I run. But after putting it on the market, I have learned so much more of the Wrapters potential. People are wearing it for scuba diving so their hair isn’t in the way of their equipment, they’re using it to play sports and even wearing it to sleep in. So many possibilities that I had never even thought of. It really makes me feel good hearing from satisfied customers and seeing it on store shelves.”