How to use Wrapter.

FAQ Page

How long is the Wrapter?
The Wrapter is approximately 18″ long unrolled. When wearing the wrapter it is important not to unroll it completely as the excess rolled material is what holds the wrapter tightly in place just up and over your original elastic hair bands that are already securing your ponytail.
Will it work on my hair it's real thin/fine?
The Wrapter is designed to fit a variety of different lengths and thicknesses. No matter what type of hair you may have. I recommend making your ponytail tightly and using 2 or even 3 elastic hair bands (this will give the Wrapter a strong thick base to hold onto.) Then roll the Wrapter up and over the hair bands to secure it. If you still feel your hair is too thin to hold it, then I recommend putting an additional elastic hair band on over the Wrapter. It can be hidden just underneath the excess rolled material.
Do I have to use an elastic hair tie?
An elastic hair tie is what holds the Wrapter in place and is recommended.
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please contact us regarding a refund. Refunds will be accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase.
Do you offer discounts for teams or groups?
Yes, please contact us for more information.
Can I wash it?
Yes, machine washable and dryer safe.
How can I become a dealer?
For more information on wholesale pricing and becoming a distributor, please go here.
Can I swim with Wrapter?
Yes you can. Wrapter won’t keep your hair dry. But, it will keep your hair out of your way and free from tangles while swimming, boating, water skiing and other water related activities.
Can it be worn with a helmet?
Wrapter was originally designed for motorcyclists, to prevent painful and damaging tangles while riding.
Wrapter can be worn comfortably with a helmet in a low tight ponytail.
Shipping and International shipping

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