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Wapter is available in 15 different colors and prints. No need to measure the length of your hair. Wrapter is uniquely designed to fit most all ponytail length hair. Just place the end of your braid or ponytail into the Wrapter and roll up to the base of your ponytail.

The Wrapter is held in place using the same elastic hair tie that holds your ponytail. When securing your ponytail, we recommend using a thick elastic or two regular elastic ties.  Thus providing a solid base to hold the wrapter securely in place.

Step 1

Twist your ponytail tightly into a rope, or make a simple braid.

Step 2

Push the tail end of your ponytail into the rolled up Wrapter. While holding the tail end, roll the Wrapter up to the base of your braid or ponytail.

Step 3

The Wrapter should fit securely with the excess rolled material rolled up and over the elastic hair ties that are securing your ponytail.