Wrapter Lime Green

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The Wrapter allows you to magically “wrap” your hair in an instant.

Color: Lime Green

Note for international order: Shipping rate is a flat rate for up to qty:6 Wrapters. If your order exceeds qty:6 we will be contacting you for an updated shipping rate.

1 review for Wrapter Lime Green

  1. Cynthia

    I finally found a solution to my problem. I have a single braid all the way to my waist. Sometimes the small hairs will stick into my skin like tiny sharp needles. This would cause a lot of irritation and soreness. I tried wrapping it with leather strips and ribbon but nothing worked. Then I found WRAPTER online. It’s easy to use and it keeps all the little hairs from sticking me.
    I have told ALL my friends and wish that I could have one in every color.

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